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Top 7 Outdoor Winter Activities in Park City

By Sara Branson, Posted on 03 Feb, 2024 at 12:52 am

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Top 7 Outdoor Winter Activities in Park City

Park City is situated nearly 40 minutes away from Salt Lake City. This destination is famous because of its snow-covered lands. It's the main hub for snow lovers in winter to enjoy and it is estimated that annually the city gets 350 inches of snow in winter. Thus, this much availability of snow makes it easy for visitors to get entertained. Apart from skiing this city offers other exciting ventures as well from restaurants to places to stay, you can find it all here. In this blog, we will explore the best Park City activities and outdoor adventures in winter, so keep on reading!



Park City is known as an ideal ski destination because of its very cold temperatures and plenty of snow. The city is home to approximately 7300 acres of land for skiing. The Park City Mountain Resort promises the best skiing experience to travelers, in this resort, skiers can get entertained through 41 lifts, terrain parks, and approximately 300 skiing trails. While you ski explore some of the amazing parks and trails. Park City Ski and Snowboard School also gives education to all skiers about skiing techniques. There are various options to choose from, you can opt for private lessons or family lessons. Another well-known option is the adult peak-peak guided ski exploit, which is one of the best things to do in Park City, you get to experience unity as you go on a thrilling venture of skiing on difficult trails with a group.


Dog Sledding

This adventure is a great one in the hub of the city. Dog Sledding Park City is a family-friendly venture that goes through the mountains. Various companies offer dog sledding rides. Rocky Mountain Recreation located in Utah offers a great guided exploration of their 9000 acre property. The tour is approximately an hour long. Luna Lobo also promises great tours of their ranch land, the property is owned by a family. Dog sledding regardless of the season has one-hour rides and all choices. This activity brings the owners and pets closer to each other.


Fly High Over Mountains

One of the best things to do in Park City Utah is experiencing hot-air balloon rides. This well-known activity is a must-try for thrill lovers. This ride lets visitors see incomparable mountain views and beautiful land sites. In this hot air balloon ride maximum of 30 people and a minimum of two people can adjust. The ride carries passengers in groups and is one hour long. During this journey, champagne and orange juice are offered to guests. The best choice for this great voyage is Skywalker Balloon Company. This company guarantees an awesome sunrise flight to guests and is an ideal one for a small crowd of people and families. The company has been working for 20 years now and has always enhanced the experiences of guests.



For those who love skating, Park City has many ideal destinations for them. They can either opt for Park City Arena or Sports Complex. Both great spots have an expansive site for skating and quick lessons regarding skating for beginners. Skate lovers, whether young ones or elders, all have a great time skating at these indoor conveniences. Moreover, you can also opt for the Park City Resort, which offers a great skating experience and has an outdoor ice-skating rink. The ice skating site is situated in the main base of the resort. Apart from skating, the resort also facilitates guests through warm drinks and free skate walkers for very young kids. On holidays, the whole ice-skating rink is decorated with kaleidoscopic lights, green Christmas trees, and peaceful music further entertaining the guests.


Alpine Coaster

This awesome entertainment is situated at Park City Mountain. This roller coaster is a great thrilling winter activity and gives an enthralling ride as your little car shoots down the trail. The cold temperature with cold winds and high speed will give an exciting experience to all. The view is excellent, and this ride is a well-known attraction for younger ones.



Snow tubing Park City is an alternative for those visitors who don't like skiing. Woodward Park City, a known attraction promises a great tubing experience to all families. The park has several tubing lanes and young ones can ride down on their own on small hills. The elders though can enjoy the challenging routes. Every tube ride is filled with action and high speed further gives you a thrilling exploit. There are several packages offered to the guests for this ride. Apart from tubing, families can also enjoy mini snowmobiles. You can easily rent one of these mobiles and have a great venture. The kids under 6 can play in the Fort Frosty, which is a play area especially designed for younger ones.


Relaxing By the Fire Pit

The best part about winter is to sit by the fire and absorb its warmth. After you are done with enthralling winter activities relax by sitting near the fire. Campfire in outdoor regions gives a great cozy experience to all. Guests can spend hours sitting next to the fire wrapped in their blankets. For a further elevated experience, you can actually bring some treats to roast like marshmallows. There’s no better way of ending your tiredness than relaxing next to the fire pit!

In a nutshell, Park City offers a range of winter activities to every travel enthusiast. All of these activities are a great source of entertainment and thrilling experiences. This family-friendly spot is a must-visit on your winter vacation.

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